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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm NOT Lovin' It....

I just found out about a situation that took place at a company and it made me physically ill just reading about it. It is a large project team and they were weakly attempting to adopt agile practices. Well, apparently it fell short and, as usual, turned into the all-too-familiar chaotic mess at the end of the project. Large efforts to remove many defects, trying to get functionality right, build failures, etc. Many team members working overtime and weekends. Everyone has their share of horror stories. But this one goes to #1 on the worst thing managers can do list. One of the executives sent out an email to the entire project team singing the praises of 5 individuals instead of recognizing the team. And that's just where the story a reward for these people working weekends and pulling out heroic efforts to correct things that should have been done right the first time, seriously eroding their quality of life, and probably just adding more technical debt in the process, the email proclaimed these 5 people would be the recipients of a $5 Gift Card to McDonald's!!! What the F&^%!!!
There are SO many things that are wrong with this, but let's focus on the big things...first the value placed on the heroic efforts by a senior manager was $5!; second its to McDonald's...nothing better for an unhealthy lifestyle than to bolster it with a 3000 calorie fast food meal with 1000grams of heart-stopping fat. I'd love to see the trend in their healthcare costs! The executive closed the email with thanks to these people for making a difference and they would be "presented with the card". Its hard for me to believe this actually happened, but unfortunately it did.

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