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Monday, May 11, 2009

Learning to Inspect and Adapt...Quickly

I took the first big step today towards my next goal in life. I'm going to work toward my Private Pilot License. I took the introductory flight, which was basically me flying the plane with the instructor making small adjustments (at least it seemed like that to me!) during the flight.

But they don't waste anytime getting you flying. I watched about 30 minutes of introduction videos, then met my instructor, and we headed out for about a 30 minute flight around Philadelphia.

It was the most incredible feeling! I highly recommend the intro flight to anyone. I immediately signed up for my first real lesson tomorrow. It is a little scary at first thinking you can just fly the plane, but it seems like that's what the plane wants to do. I'm sure I'm going to be learning a lot, and that's really exciting! I am completely hooked!!

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